Elizabeth Bennett: Voice and Piano Instructor

"Elizabeth has helped me to become a better and more confident singer, pianist, and actress. Through working with her I was able to get a good part in my school musical. I really enjoyed working with Elizabeth!"

Rachel S., student

"Elizabeth is a fantastic voice instructor! She helped my daughter grow in her confidence with her vocals, performance and auditions. What sets her apart from other instructors is she really cares about each student and her experience and talent. We are deeply grateful to have had her as an instructor."

Kristen B., parent

"Being a person who wants to pursue musical theatre in college and as a professional career, Elizabeth has really helped to encourage as well as teach me about what I love to do. I was very sad that she moved, and Chicago is lucky to have her!"

Grace Z., student

"I enjoyed working with Elizabeth. She has a clear passion for what she is doing. She is also well-informed as to what she is doing - well-educated, and instills her value for hard, dedicated work into her students. I respect this about Elizabeth."

Kyrena A., colleague

"Elizabeth Scoble is an excellent vocal teacher and musical director. She was the director of several theater camps in my area. I was always amazed at the level of professionalism and quality of work the children produced under her direction. She makes each child challenge themselves to be their best without exception. The result was that the kids finished camp with an understanding of the thrill and hard work it takes to put on a great performance. They grew as performers! My own daughter and niece have studied with Elizabeth and they are both active in community theater and school theater departments. I am grateful they had such an impactful teacher in their lives."

Cristina P., parent and colleague

"Elizabeth brought out potential in my voice I didn't know I had! She worked patiently with me, and made sure I truly comprehended and performed the music to the best of my ability. You will not regret having her as a teacher and I know she will help you have great vocal success!"

Ashtin F., student

"Elizabeth's teaching style is very encouraging and she has given me so much confidence whenever I audition. This has helped me get some amazing roles like Peter Pan in my middle school's upcoming performance of Peter Pan Jr."

Piper W., student

"Elizabeth was able to recognize and correct some bad habits my daughter picked up. She taught her proper vocal technique resulting in great improvement. She was wonderful at preparing her for auditions as well as readying her for college . She was very accessible when we had questions and was an excellent source of advice when we needed it."

Kim M., parent

"Elizabeth's passion for music and care of her students shines through immediately from lesson one. Her high expectations are clearly communicated and your child will be challenged to find the best of their musical gifts with plenty of smiles and praise along the way!"

Lisa W., parent