Lessons are:




Payment for lessons is due on the 1st of the month. A $10 fee will be added for late payments after the 5th of the month. Payments later than 15 days will result in removal from the schedule.

Cancellations and No-shows:

Please cancel 24 hours before your lesson time to be eligible for a make-up lesson. If you are 15 minutes late to a lesson, you forfeit that lesson. If you do not show up for your lesson time, you will forfeit your lesson. If you forfeit your lesson, no make-up lessons will be offered.

If you need to cancel, please give me 24-hour notice, and we will schedule a make-up lesson.

If I need to cancel a lesson, I will always offer a make-up lesson.

Make-up lessons must be scheduled within the month. Lessons will not be carried over to the next month, except at the discretion of the teacher. Please be proactive about scheduling your make-up lesson.

If you cancel or do not show up for your make-up lesson, the lesson will be forfeited, and no make-up lesson will be offered.


I expect students to practice their songs between lessons to grow and progress.

Piano students must practice several times per week from their lesson and theory books, and supplemental pieces. You will need to purchase method books and additional sheet music for contests and recitals.

Voice students must sing their pieces several times per week and listen to recordings. I will record accompaniments for students to practice if requested. I will also send copies of music for educational purposes. Please print those and put them in a 3-ring binder and bring to your lessons. Sometimes I will ask you to purchase the sheet music if I do not own a copy. Please copy the music, so we both have a copy in our lessons. You will need to purchase your own copy of music for contests.


We will have 2-4 recitals a year. I encourage and expect all students to participate. Performing is a vital part of a music education. It teaches dedication, practice, performance etiquette, and a mastery of your craft. If you feel you are not ready to perform, I encourage you to come as an audience member to observe.

I am looking forward to working with you! Welcome to Elizabeth Scoble Bennett’s Music Studio!